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Shubhangi classroom teacher
By: admin
Dec 30, 2014

“As a classroom teacher, I have worked with a large number of identified special-needs students. That has been difficult at times and, at other times, quite joyful. I think that we aren’t just teachers, we are learners too”, says Shubhangi. “I learn every day from the kids! The more I think about my journey of becoming an educator, the more I am learning things about myself”.

 Shubhangi loves to be around children, especially children with Special Needs. “They have such a refreshing curiosity and enthusiasm for life, their hearts are pure, and their expectations are realistic”, quips Shubhangi as she helps a student tie his shoe laces.

She believes that all children should be given an equal opportunity to reach their full potential, more-so if they are differently-abled. She thoroughly enjoys teaching and making a difference in the lives of these children. She would like to see every child with Special Needs get a fair chance to education.