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About - ACW Foundation

Angel Child Welfare Foundation (ACWF) is an NGO working for differently-abled children (Special Children). Founded by a group of parents and educators that work closely with Special Children, ACWF aims to sensitize citizens to Special Needs and the challenges faced by these children and their families.

Developmental Disability, Mental retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Communication Disorders, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Childhood Autism are some conditions affecting the developing brains of children.

Amid all these children with Special Needs, just a handful is likely to be born into families with abundant resources. For the rest that are born into financially deprived households, it’s a struggle to stay alive. And with over 80% of India’ population living under the Global Urban Poverty Line, giving these kids the necessary medical attention, education, therapy and treatment is beyond the means of their families.

This is where ACWF steps in. We mobilize funds….from anyone who has a little extra, or as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility reserves, and channel it towards the Medical, Educational and Therapeutic needs of Special children from poor families.

ACWF started operations in September 2014, with an endeavour to reach out to these Special children in need, and to get people to take cognisance of these children- who may be different, but deserve to be loved and cared for.