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Our Plea - ACW Foundation

In California, child education plans were introduced

ACWF is just a conduit that can help resources reach these children. The funds need to be raised from society. This is where we need your support and philanthropic generosity. Please help us make the lives of these children better and more liveable in our world. Please help us generate awareness about Special Needs in society, and raise funds for these Angels -who may be different, but are children, after all. They may be weaker than others on most fronts, but they do deserve to get a fair chance at survival.

We urge you to contribute however you can. Your contribution could be something as simple as spending time with Special Children in your own locality, getting to know their world, and encouraging them to participate in games and activities with other normal children. You could directly approach their families, and if you see the need, help these Special Children get education and medical relief.

You could also contribute monetarily through ACWF. We make sure that the money we raise reaches the Educational Institute, the Therapy Centres, or the Medical Units that the children are being treated at. This ensures that the children’s education, their therapy based needs and their medical needs are provided for, in a fair and just manner.

The functioning of ACWF is transparent and simple. As a donor, you can track your funds, if you wish to see where they have been utilized. You can meet the children and their families. This also gives you an opportunity to interact with the recipients, and understand our cause more closely.

We are giving it all we have. We urge you to be a part of this movement. Help us bring love and joy to the world of Special Needs. Let’s all do our bit…and craft smiles for our Special kids.