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Education - ACW Foundation

ACWF believes in “Education-for-All”. Special children may not be readily accepted into all regular schools, but they deserve their share of education. They may have diminished abilities, but they still need to get some form of education- be it Academic in nature, or Vocational Training(to ensure they can make a living for themselves in the future), or a combination of both.

Government-aided Special Schools are few and far between. There are, however, scores of Private Schools for children with Special Needs. But education does not come cheap. These kids require additional helping hands, specially tailored furniture and equipment, and varied teaching aids, in addition to a highly specialized teacher-student ratio. Hence, the schools catering to Special Needs are generally expensive.

ACWF realizes that our kids may be slow learners, but they deserve to have their minds occupied in meaningful pursuits. We sponsor education for Special Children in schools that are accessible to them- geographically, and that provide the means to cater to their disability.