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Shanmugam Kannan

“Fondly called Raj, Shanmugam is the Director at “Raj Kumar Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd”. Father of a joyous 2 years old, Raj is an avid footballer, and has a strong inclination towards Right to Education for all – especially children hailing from poor families. He remembers his humble background, and how keen his mother was, […]

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Prety Kutty

Prety is the Managing Trustee and Chairperson of ACWF. She has a delightful 11-year-old daughter- Prarthana, who was diagnosed with Global Development Delay(GDD), a condition characterized by slow mental and physical development. Simple everyday tasks like eating, drinking, walking, talking, etc take years to develop in a child with GDD. Prety’s little girl started to […]

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Shubhangi Kamble

A teacher in true spirit, Shubhangi has been working as an educator at Adapt (Able Disabled All People Together), a school for Special Children, for the last 11 years. As much as she loves being part of this exciting and diverse school, its getting to do something different every day that keeps her spirits soaring. […]

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Sanjay Kumar

A mechanical engineer and an MBA in Operations Management, Sanjay is currently working as the Regional Category Manager- Energy (APAC) for an international organisation. While Sanjay is a force to reckon with, in the corporate sector, he is also a doting father to his children.   In spite of being completely tied-down with work, Sanjay […]

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